Monday, February 27, 2017

No response for suspicious deposits may invite tax dept. at your doorstep – 10 things to know

The Income-Tax department had identified around 18 lakh taxpayers in its first phase who had made cash deposits during demonetization. These taxpayers were required to submit online response till 15th February 2017.

Now, the tax department has initiated verification of such accounts. It has issued the following Standard Operating Procedure for verification of cash transactions of taxpayers. 

1) In case of individuals, not having any business income, no verification shall be made by Assessing Officer ('AO') if the cash deposits do not exceed Rs 2,50,000.

2) In case of taxpayers above 70 years of age, the threshold limit shall be Rs 5,00,000. The source of such deposits can be either household savings or savings from the past. 

3) Wherein online response has not been submitted the tax authorities may initiate survey. During survey, tax dept. can check CCTV recording at cash counters of banks where there is suspicion of back dating transaction or fictitious cash transactions.

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