Thursday, December 31, 2015

No abuse of dominance by 'Uber' in providing taxies at low fares; CCI rejects complaint of Meru Cabs

Where there was existence of yellow taxis which posed a significant competitive constraint on other taxi operators in the city of Kolkata. In such a scenario, it was difficult to accept the contention of the Meru cabs regarding UBER Group’s dominance in providing the radio taxi services in Kolkata

Now AOs to issue scrutiny notice along with questionnaire to convey compliance requirement

It was noticed that while issuing the initial/first notice for cases selected under scrutiny, Assessing Officers (‘AO’) do not convey the specific compliance requirements like production of accounts, furnishing of documents, information, evidences, etc.

Taxpayers or their authorised representatives needs to appear before the AO as they are required to comply with the statutory notice issued by the AO. Thus, their appearance before the AO does not serve any fruitful purpose except recording of their presence. This causes undue hardship to the taxpayers and unnecessary wastage of their time.