Thursday, December 29, 2011

Corporate professional Today

Dear Members,

It gives me immense pleasure to share the e-copy of magazine "Corporate Professionals Today" published by Taxmann for the current month.

The main focus of the magazine is on controversies in the matters of income-tax, service tax and accounts and audit. In addition to these, it covers various articles analyzing the recent developments.

I am encapsulating the articles covered in this magazine under following heads to give you an idea about the in-depth nature and extent of range of our article:
1) Controversy of taxability of capital gain under MAT - By Mr. S. Rajaratnam
2) Controversies wrt TDS - By Narayan Jain and Gaurav Pahuja
3) Controversies on allowability of charitable status to facilitating NGO's (If parent trust is just supporting its member trust, the parent trust is entitled for benefit under Section 11 and 12 and many more issues) - By Manoj Fogla;
4) The uncharitable face of charity - Analyzing the amendment of expression "any activity of rendering any service in relation to any trade, commerce or business" - By Mr. G. N. Gupta;
5) Controversies on allowability of treatment of expenditure incurred before commencement of business (i.e. preliminary expenses and pre-operative expenses) - By Naveen Wadhwa (it's me)
6) Fair value accounting - By Mr. Dolphy D'Souza
7) Issues in CARO reporting and Schedule VI - By. Srinivasan Anand G
8) Synchronization of AS 11 and AS 16 - By Varun Kumar
9) Controversies on service tax in form of FAQ - By Mr. V.S. Datey
10) Shamiana and Pandal - By Mr. T.N. Pandey
11) Conversion of CA firm into LLP, investment planning, stock market, etc.

I feel the copy of magazine will serve as a collectors' item for yourself, as it it the special annual issue on the 7th anniversary of this magazine.
(Just want to clarify, this e-magazine is meant especially for circulation without violating the copyright)

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Thanks and regards
CA Naveen Wadhwa
Editor Corporate professional Today