Saturday, June 18, 2016

SEBI brings out consultation paper to allow REITs to invest up to 20% of their corpus in under construction assets

There is no public interest served in disclosure of assets and liabilities of SEBI Chairman as such disclosure is likely to cause unwarranted invasion of privacy of the individual under section 8(1)( j) of the RTI Act, Rules CIC Bench


a) The appellant filed RTI application before the Central Public Information O􀁹icer (CPIO), SEBI seeking the assets and liabilities and total present emoluments of Shri U.K. Sinha, Chairman of SEBI.

b) The CPIO rejected application saying that the information sought was personalinformation and it was held by the SEBI in fiduciary capacity. Hence, it could not be provided under section 8(1) (e) & (j) of the RTI Act.