Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Church can furnish decree issued by bishop to establish creation of trust for sec. 12A registration

a) The assessee, a religious institution (Parish),was created under the conventional way by issuing a 'decree' under Cannon law by the concerned Bishop. It filed an application in Form No. 10A requesting for registration under section 12A.

b) The Commissioner denied registration stating that since the assessee had not produced copy of the instrument in support of creation of the trust, the objects and its activities as well as the existence of the trust could not be ascertained.

The Tribunal held as under:

1) A plain reading of rule 17A makes it clear that a religious or charitable organization can be an institution other than a 'trust'. The usage of the words 'charitable or religious trust or institution' in the first and second limb of rule 17A connotes that where the trust is created, or institution is established, under an instrument, the instrument in original, together with a copy thereof, have to be filed along with the prescribed Form No. 10A for registration.