Monday, August 20, 2012

Accessing Service Tax Rules, now easier with

Paying taxes and understanding Service Tax Rules is a complicated task for many of us and more so with the many amendments and Service Tax Circulars that the department comes up with everyday. However, to make the process of filing taxes a lot easier for the citizens there are many online tax calculator services available.

These services use the information being entered by the user about their sources of income and the claimable deductions after which the tax calculator sums up and provides an accurate figure. This process of filing my taxes was a pain and a waste of time taking into consideration the long hours one has to spend with the auditors or online trying to understand the requirements and fill up the required details and avoid any errors. However, this was so only until a friend of mine suggested me to look up the website of the that offers all kinds of services pertaining to taxes.

This apart the website also has its content sorted out neatly for people looking for additional information about the Service Tax Circulars, Service Tax Rules etc making the site helpful and informative along with being easily accessible to everybody.