Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Students Guide to Cost Accounting & Financial Management

Students Guide to Cost Accounting & Financial Management’ by
CA Bhavesh N. Chandrana. The book is an examination oriented 3-in-1 book for CA-IPCC serving as

Ø Text Book

Ø Fully Solved Question Bank

Ø Past Examination Analyser

With following Salient Features:

Ø Tabular/Bulleted Form Presentation with Conceptual Clarity

Ø Step-by-Step Solutions to Practical Problems with Interactive and Explanatory Notes

Ø Fully Solved Practical Problems Covering more than Past 25 Exams

The practical problems are solved in a unique interactive manner. At the end of each chapter, a unique chapter-wise Exam Analyser incorporated.
The book is best for students of CA-IPCC: