Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FinMin issues clarifications on excise duty imposed on jewellery

In the Union Budget 2016, basic excise duty of 1% is being imposed on Articles of jewellery (excluding silver jewellery). This will have major impact on individuals as well as Goldsmiths. The excise duty is levied with effect from March 1, 2016. Now, Ministry of Finance issues clarifications to remove doubts and uncertainty on such levy. The Key clarifications are given here under:

1) Articles of silver jewellery are exempt from excise duty.

2) Job workers (manufacturing jewellery for principal manufacturers) are not required to take excise registration and pay excise duty.

3) SSI exemption limit of Rs 6 crore is available to manufacturers of jewellery along with higher eligibility limit of Rs. 12 crore.