Monday, November 2, 2015

HC sets aside penalty on ‘Flipkart’ for effecting sales without registering under Kerala VAT Act

CST & VAT: Kerala VAT- ‘Flipkart’ is merely facilitating sales, purchase and delivery of goods, it can’t be considered as dealer of goods under Kerala VAT Act.


a)   ‘Flipkart’ (assessee), being an online service provider facilitating sales or purchases, was registered under service tax law. Notice was issued to ‘Flipkart’ under Kerala VAT Act (KVAT) for neither registering as a dealer nor filing returns. Accordingly, penalty was levied on it for such default.

b)   Flipkart’ argued that it was only a service provider which was not engaged in business of sale or purchase of goods. It merely facilitated transactions of sale or purchase through its online portal and made arrangements for the delivery of goods. Therefore, the provisions of KVAT Act were not applicable to it.

The High Court held as under:

1)  The tenor of notice gave ample implication that the department had made up its mind to impose penalty on assessee without any supported reasons. It did not consider the contentions of assessee that the said transactions were inter-State sales. These sales transactions were effected by sellers who were registered on online portal of ‘Flipkart’ and all sales were inter-State sales on which tax had been paid by seller under the CST Act.

2)  The contention of department that the online portal could be seen as an intangible shop was legally flawed because it is well settled that the situs of a sale is wholly irrelevant to a determination of the issue of whether a sale is inter-State sale or not

3)  The department had imposed penalty on ‘Flipkart’ due to non-filing of returns and due to its failure to maintain true and correct accounts. However, there was no indication in notice as to why the ‘Flipkart’ was to be considered as a dealer and why said transaction was to be treated as local sales against inter-State sales.

4)   The department has proceeded against the assessee without first having ascertained whether these transactions would come under the coverage of Act. The matter must be first referred to the concerned Assessing Officers before invoking penal provisions since no tax can be levied except by authority of law – Flipkart Internet (P.) Ltd. vs. State of Kerala [2015] 62 387 

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