Friday, August 2, 2013

Service tax refund can't be denied without specifying documents required from assessee

Department cannot deny refund of service tax alleging non-supply of 'requisite documents'; it must specify, in writing, list of documents required, in addition to documents already submitted by assessee

In the instant case the assessee was a service provider to its associates which were located outside India. The assessee wrongly raised invoices on its associates for commission which had to be received from the associates and paid service tax thereon. Later on, on finding that invoice was not to be issued, it issued credit note and filed a claim for refund along with copy of service tax returns, invoices, credit notes, correspondence and challan and a certificate from chartered accountant. Despite all that the refund claim was rejected on the premise that the assessee had not provided the required documents in support of claim of its refund.

The Tribunal remanded the matter with the following observation:

The adjudicating authority must have specified, in writing, list of documents required, apart from documents already submitted by the assessee. Matter was to be remanded back for supply and verification of additional documents required by the adjudicating authority - CMA CGM Global (India) (P.) Ltd. v. Commissioner of Service Tax [2013] 35 318 (Mumbai - CESTAT)

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