Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Foreign tax credit should be given on tax liability computed under MAT provisions

The issue that was disputed in the instant case was as under:

“Whether relief under section 90 of Income-tax Act(‘the Act’) in respect of tax paid in a foreign country would be available while computing tax liability under as per provisions of MAT ?.”

The Tribunal held in favour of assessee as under:

1)   The Mumbai Tribunal in case of ACIT v. L&T Ltd. (in ITA No.4499/Mum/2008/ dated 22-04-2009) had held that once taxable income was determined either under the normal provisions of the Act or as per Sec 115JB, subsequent portion relating to rebate and set-off would be governed by the normal provision of the Act.

2)   There is no provision in the Act, debarring granting of credit for tax paid abroad in case income is computed under section 115JB. Thus, assessee could not be denied set off of tax relief under section 90 against the tax liability determined under section 115JB. - Dy.CIT v. Subex Technology Ltd. [2015] 63 124 (Bangalore - Trib.). 

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