Tuesday, February 10, 2015

CIT can’t consider violation of provisions of sec. 13 while granting registration to a trust

Provisions of section 13 couldn't be applied to deny registration to a trust or an Institution under section 12A - It shall be applied to decide deduction to be allowable to a trust or an Institution while completing assessment proceedings.


a) In the instant case, one of the objects of the trust was limited to the benefit of Jain community;

b) The CIT contended that trust had violated provisions of section 13(1)(b) since benefits of sections 11 and 12 could not be extended to the charitable trust or institution which was established for the benefit of any specific religious community. Hence, he denied registration to trust under section 12A.


• The issue that arose for consideration before the Tribunal was:

• "Whether the CIT has erred in denying the trust registration under Section 12A holding that the object clause of the Trust Deed is specifically for the benefit of the Jain Community which is a specific religious community and hence attracts the provisions of sec.13(1)(b)?"

The Tribunal Held in favour of assessee as under:

1)In order to avail of the deduction under sections 11 and 12 of the Act, the trust or institution has to make an application for registration under section 12AA of the Act;

2)The CIT after satisfying himself about the objects of the trust or Institution and about the genuineness of its activities, had to pass an order in writing granting or refusing the registration;

3)The Assessing Officer had to consider non-fulfillment of the conditions laid down in section 13(1)(b) during assessment procedure while allowing deduction under sections 11 and 12 to the trust or Institution;

4)Therefore, the CIT was not authorized to consider violation by the trust or Institution on account of provisions of section 13(1)(b) while granting it registration under section 12A-Kul Foundation v. CIT[2015] 54 taxmann.com 143 (Pune - Trib.)