Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sec. 54EC exemptions allowable despite deeming fiction of sec. 50 treating capital gains as short-term ones

Where capital gain arose out of long-term capital asset and was invested in specified assets, exemption under section 54EC could not be denied due to deeming fiction created under section 50

The High Court held in favour of assessee as under:

1) There is nothing in Section 50 to suggest that the fiction created in it is not only restricted to Sections 48 and 49 but also applies to other provisions;

2) Section 50 makes it explicitly clear that the deemed fiction created in sub-sections (1) and (2) of Section 50 is restricted only to the mode of computation of capital gains contained in Sections 48 and 49;

3) It is well-established, in law, that a fiction created by the Legislature has to be confined to the purpose for which it is created. The fiction created under Section 50 is confined to the computation of capital gains only and cannot be extended beyond that;

4) Legal fiction created under section 50 is restricted to computation of capital gains; such deeming fiction cannot restrict application of section 54EC which allows exemption of capital gains, if assessee makes investment in the specified asset;

5) Exemption provided under section 54EC couldn’t be denied to the assessee due to deeming fiction created under section 50. Thus, the assessee couldn’t be charged to capital gains when short-term gains of long-term capital assets were invested in the areas specified under the law – CIT v. Aditya Medisales Ltd [2013] 38 taxmann.com 244 (Gujarat)

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